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Lila Downs May 2, 2013 @ 7:30 pm Get Tickets »
  • Lila Downs
  • Lila Downs
  • Lila Downs
  • Lila Downs
Music / Vocal

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, with 2013 Grammy Award winner Lila Downs at Jorgensen.

For over a decade, mexican born Lila Downs has traversed the planet, spinning out traditional Mexican music and original compositions with her gloriously soaring voice, blending international sounds with blues, jazz, soul, and African roots, to create a dramatic style uniquely her own. Some would classify Lila as a Mexican artist, but there is no real way to categorize her music except to say that it is a unique and exciting fusion of international sounds. A musical journey with Lila Downs and her 6-piece band, La Misteriosa, is always a fascinating one, simultaneously edgy and powerful, yet sumptuous and graceful. 


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