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7 Fingers Circus Mar 25, 2017 @ 8 pm* Get Tickets »
  • 7 Fingers Circus
Variety / Entertainment

Cuisine & Confessions

Step into the gigantic, fully-functional on-stage kitchen of the internationally acclaimed, Montreal-based 7 Fingers Circus, as nine acrobats unite to create the most delightful meal!

Ingredients are thrown this way and that, dish rags become aerial ribbons, bodies fold and unfold in a haze of flour, and utensils waltz from one hand to the next in this scrumptious smorgasbord of eye-popping acrobatics, dance, story-telling, pulsating music, juggling, improvisation, and audience-interactive cooking.  

Cuisine and Confessions is a highly-imaginative, family-friendly production that not only incorporates circus thrills, audience participation, and lots of laughs, but touches emotions as family recipes, childhood memories, and other intimate moments are shared amongst the breathtaking acrobatics.

The show evokes the joy and powerful memories associated with cooking, while reminding us that each individual is composed of a unique set of ingredients and that the kitchen is an iconic meeting point that spans generations and countries throughout the world.

“One of the most famous circus companies in the world.”
Le Monde, France

“A marvelous feast.” – The Boston Globe

"An infallible circus-dance-theatre-rock recipe that brings us right back to our hearts while warming our stomachs!" – Le Monde


There will no longer be a Sunday matinee performance. If you have tickets to the Sunday matinee please contact the Box Office at 860-486-4226 to make other arrangements.